Roy Farms

Harvest Fresh Pellets

The people at Roy Farms make its hops extraordinary. The team at Roy Farms asked if we could bring this sentiment to life with a new Harvest Fresh Pellets identity and hops packaging. No People. No Farm. No Beer.™

The brave idea during the middle of the pandemic was to capture as many portraits of the hops team as possible without stepping foot on the farm. With the help of the Human Resources staff, we turned these head shots into illustrations to celebrate the many people at Roy Farms. From the logo to the packaging, the authentic and real emotion of the people were the key elements with the new identity.

In addition to the beautiful design of the logo and hop boxes, the powerful influence the design and process had on the culture at Roy Farms was special. The vast team at Roy Farms were extremely proud they were included and celebrated as an important part of Roy Farms

Roy Farms


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