Heart failure symptoms suck the life out of you.

A brand-new era of CVRx is here. 2022 will be a transformative year. Significant investments were made to drive growth, including a complete brand refresh with brand strategy, design and creative. This omnipresent brand strategy open the doors to create a bold, ownable brave idea that aligned the entire CVRx organization — Outsmart the Heart.

One of the top priorities for CVRx was to tell a different brand narrative to the world. Visually, to stand out and be memorable. Clearly, to be simple and consistent. Passionately, to drive engagement with its physicians and patients.

To outsmart the competition, we avoided typical med-tech happy-lifestyle campaigns on the beach or on the dock at the lake, in favor of everyday, relatable situations. And with a twist — a line that patients can identify with, “Heart failure symptoms suck the life out of you,” is paired with exaggerated visuals to get people to stop in their tracks. We believe it’s a real and empathetic way to connect with heart failure patients. We want patients to say, “Wow, this company ‘gets me.’”

It’s time to outsmart the heart and positively connect with patients to turn heart failure into heart success. More to come.



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