Health and wellness products have been becoming more competitive on the shelves at big box retailers and pharmacies. Leading national brands have deep pockets, celebrity endorsements and broadcast support to gain brand awareness quickly. With Fr!ska national distribution at Target and on Amazon, the opportunity was there to stand up and stand out among industry’s best.

To actively compete against fan-favorite gummy brands (they don’t work), Fr!ska followed its gut with an idea that was as real and relatable as it can get—the moment of glory when you pinch a loaf—the release. We all poop and when it’s a good one, we know how amazing it feels. boatBurner captured people’s authentic and humorous Sh!tface. Fr!ska wanted to connect with its health-conscience audience and help them better understand the benefits of gut health with its active spore-forming enzymes and probiotic support. Sh!tface was born, shot, and launched on multiple social, e-commerce and paid-media platforms to stop people’s thumbs while surfing or searching. When you take a great #2 you will feel like #1.



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