boatBurner launches Good Source Foods.

With the success of Angie’s BOOMCHICAPOP and Miss Mary’s Bloody Mary Mix, a century-old chocolate company, Buddy Squirrel, from Milwaukee, Wis. came to boatBurner to launch a new product. After meeting with the co-founders and listening to their vision, we realized there was even a bigger opportunity with this project. It was time to reinvent the entire company. Together, we transformed Buddy Squirrel into Good Source Foods — a company dedicated to the health and well-being of all people. A brand that redefines the better-for-you segment of the food industry by formulating snacks with the right ingredients at the right time of day. Ultimately, satisfying  customers’ appetites without overeating. Through product innovation, research, brand strategy, design, creative development and persistence, the boatBurner team built this brand from scratch. We’re thrilled to work with the team at Good Source Foods and eager to partner with more like-minded retailers as we move forward.