boatBurner launches ARGO '23 lineup.

Each year brings a new opportunity to up the ante with even better groundbreaking creative to launch another exciting ARGO model year. A lunch trip to the local grocery store got us thinking about for this year’s brand idea for ARGO. Hey, great food always fuels our tanks at boatBurner.

The significant increase over the years in the consumer packaged goods category, with more and more customers who want better food made with all-natural ingredients was our catalyst.

We thought, ‘There isn’t a better way to feed a person’s appetite for the great outdoors with real all-natural ingredients other than to let them ride on an ARGO XTV, ATV or SxS.’ We want dealers and outdoor powersports junkies to be nourished with a healthy diet of mud, dirt, sand, water, muck, grass, rocks, snow, and ice. These organic elements have a way to of satisfying both the body and the spirit.

The fully integrated recipe for success included an extensive video production and studio photo shoot, a website refresh, a consumer brochure, dealership collateral and an in-store POP, an interactive sales kit, and full marketing channel support including digital, print, and public relations.