boatBurner launches digital hop e-commerce platform.

For over 114 years, Roy Farms has been unearthing the potential of farming. The hop industry has changed rapidly with more hop varieties entering the market, more craft breweries popping up across the U.S. and more home brewers dabbling with their own craft concoctions, Roy Farms needed to enhance their digital capabilities to supply hops to smaller, yet important, customers with growing needs.

Along with backend improvements to the Roy Farms website, the boatBurner team developed a new Shopify platform to give smaller breweries and home brewers the opportunity to buy the highest-quality hops directly from Roy Farms. With a full portfolio of the most popular public and proprietary varieties, Roy Farms now offers craft enthusiasts accessibility and farm-direct pricing on whole cones and Harvest Fresh Pellets. Check out the Roy Farms new Shopify store here.