boatBurner surprises the media with ARGO Mud Pies.

At boatBurner, we believe in whatever it takes to win. It was no surprise to ARGO that we wanted to create yet another unexpected PR release to generate excitement about the new model year launch. When boatBurner launched the ARGO Anywhere Tiny Lodge, we printed a tiny PR release — two inches by two inches to be exact — that needed a magnifying glass to read it It was a hit.

The brand idea for this year’s model year release is to be nourished by “all-natural ingredients.” The ARGO Mud Pie PR kit was sent to over 40 outdoor and lifestyle editors and influencers to encourage them to get their hands dirty. We reminded them to feed their audience’s love of the great outdoors with all-natural ingredients from the seat of an ARGO. Dirt, small rocks, and sand were mixed and placed in an aluminum pie tin. And, oh yes, we garnished each mud pie with fresh blades of grass. “Just add water” was the directive because water is the signature ingredient of ARGO amphibious XTVs. In addition, the ARGO Mud Pie PR kit included a flash drive full of videos and content assets featuring the new ’23 lineup.