New York City’s beloved clothing brand selects boatBurner to create a new brand.

boatBurner has partnered with one of the hottest pop-up retail brands based in New York City and is transforming it into a big box brand to take on some of the largest, well-known clothing brands in the world. Mark McMillan, founder of Northern Grade, shuttered all his retail locations in Manhattan during the pandemic and shifted the focus from high-end 100% American-made clothing to affordable everyday undershirts.

Mark’s vision to crack the code to manufacturing high-quality American-made T-shirts completely on American soil using only the American supply chain is so ambitious, we had to be part of his disruptive plan. It was the perfect fit for boatBurner to support Mark and his team by creating the new brand name, design, and packaging for the first phase. The result? A modern, American-centric and exclusively inclusive brand called American Grade — Imported from Nowhere.™ More to come.