boatBurner expands and welcomes new interns.

boatBurner is proud to announce the newest members of our team: Dezirae and Owen. These two college students are joining our ranks as interns, bringing new perspectives.

A sophomore at the University of St. Thomas, Owen is a market research analyst with a sharp mind for analyzing data and identifying opportunities for new business acquisitions. Owen is helping boatBurner to uncover new prospects and grow our client base. Owen is skilled at synthesizing complex data into actionable recommendations and presenting findings for the next step in a clear and concise manner. He's passionate about helping businesses make informed decisions that drive growth and success in their respective markets.

A senior at the University of St. Thomas, Dezirae, or affectionally "Dez," is a social media marketer and communicator, with a keen eye for creating engaging content that resonates with audiences. Dez is tasked to feature work on social platforms including video creation, client features, and agency events/updates, as well as create social media videos and paid ad campaigns. In social media platforms, she tracks and analyzes the increase in followers, impressions, and brand awareness, click-through rates, and optimizes times to post, copy, and hashtag.

At boatBurner, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for personal growth. Our interns will receive hands-on experience working on real client projects alongside our experienced partners. Here’s to a great year 2023, igniting brands and setting them ablaze with brave creative.