boatBurner Propels the Biggest ARGO Launch in its Commercial Vehicle Division.

ARGO has launched the new Sasquatch XTX and taken their commercial vehicle division to the next level with the creation of an immersive online 360 experience of this new beast. This groundbreaking launch marks a significant milestone for ARGO, positioning the Sasquatch XTX as the go-to vehicle for industries such as oil and gas, forestry, mining, utility, and telecommunications.

boatBurner undertook the entire creative process, including CGI, photography, design, and copywriting, to bring the ARGO Sasquatch XTX to life. Leveraging their expertise and creativity, boatBurner crafted a transformative digital experience that sets a new standard in the commercial vehicle industry.

The online 360 experience allows users to explore every angle of the Sasquatch XTX, providing a comprehensive visual understanding of its features and capabilities. This interactive platform showcases its robust design, advanced technology, and versatility — making it the ideal choice for professionals in demanding industries.

As the commercial vehicle landscape evolves, ARGO and boatBurner continue to push boundaries, setting new standards of innovation and delivering transformative digital experiences to consumers, empower those to conquer the most challenging terrains with confidence and efficiency.