The Buttered Tin

Freshly Frozen Eats and Sweets

The Buttered Tin has a clear goal to disrupt the frozen bakery case in retail and take on the goliath brands like Sara Lee, Pepperidge Farm and Marie Calender’s. These complacent brands haven’t changed their ingredients in 30-plus years and have the majority of U.S. distribution. Did anyone say, “opportunity”? To drive differentiation, the brand design was critical to effectively communicate The Buttered Tin difference — simple ingredients and, oh yes, real butter!

The Buttered Tin design was conceptually derived from a simple square pat of butter to align with the brand’s namesake. We visually interpreted the vibrant color of high-quality butter to make the packaging stand out in a sea of sameness on shelf, as well as being visible through those frosty frozen glass doors. The ingredients are playfully stylized on the front of each package to drive home the brand’s belief and main point of difference — simple ingredients. The slab serif font is understated and adds to the brand’s sophisticated taste. We eliminated the standard logo landslide of colorful food certifications to keep the design clean throughout. The flavorful ingredients are complemented with beautiful product photography on all sides of the packaging to create appetite appeal in a mindful, single-serving size to connect with our better-for-you shopper.

The Buttered Tin


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