J.W. Hulme

J.W. Hulme.

Handmade for you.

J.W. Hulme? You never heard of this brand? Exactly. This was the type of challenge we wanted to take on at boatBurner. Even though this 100-year-old luxury leather goods company has little brand awareness, we believe it has massive potential. Its handmade craftsmanship is truly second to none, the products are beautiful and its old-school customer service is mind-blowing. We also believe there’s a real opportunity to shake up the stale, predictable luxury leather goods category.

We couldn’t get the new brand strategy implemented fast enough. With very little retail presence to experience the products firsthand, we had to tell the brand’s authentic story.

Not with a long-winded narrator, but with music. A new long-format video was created to make you actually feel what this American-made brand is all about. We also created three :15 national TV spots and social content to build awareness. This work is only the beginning. And now that you’re in the know, shop for a new handbag or briefcase from J.W. Hulme. It’ll be handmade for you. 

J.W. Hulme


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