Roy Farms

Turning a world-class farm into a brand.

Roy Farms, one of the largest hops farms in the nation, has partnered with boatBurner to evolve their world-class farm into a brand. Roy Farms, located in Moxee, Washington, has been a leader in sustainable agriculture for over 107 years and wants to utilize their successful and innovative past to ensure a bright future. We dug in quickly with some of the most thoughtful farming experts in the country, formulating a strategy to align the entire farm enterprise while finding new ways to unearth potential and drive growth.

The first initiative was not for hops, but for organic blueberries. The end goal was to bypass conventional bulk distribution and commodity pricing for Roy Farms’ premium organic blueberries. boatBurner designed a new brand identity design system for all crops to create synergy, consistency and differentiation. This unique design system first impacted the packaging for the blueberry pilot program, capturing market potential and creating opportunities for new distribution channels.

Roy Farms


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