boatBurner rebrands heart failure device company, CVRx.

Outsmart the heart. This simple and positive brand promise set up the entire brand refresh for CVRx. At boatBurner, we believe all categories can have breakthrough creative to make a significant brand and business impact. Innovative companies like CVRx needed to break away from the typical med-tech marketing playbook full of the sea of sameness and uninspiring ideas. Through our collaborative process with the C-suite, marketing and sales teams, boatBurner aligned the entire CVRx organization with a strategic brand platform. The boatBurner creative team translated this strategic vision into a vibrant brand refresh and omnipresent brand idea to resonate with heart failure patients and physicians. We’re thrilled with the outcome and look forward to continuing our partnership with CVRx to advance distribution of their innovative technology. Let’s turn heart failure into heart success. View the new integrated brand idea here.