Dunn Brothers Coffee

Nicely Dunn

For over 40 years, Dunn Brother’s Coffee has lacked a consistent brand look, feel and voice. As the footprint expanded the growing franchisee model created even more fragmentation. boatBurner was brought in to help solidify the brand through a strategic vision for brand consistency and creative integration.

Nicely Dunn, a two-word expression that sums up your experience with Dunn Brothers Coffee. It’s our bar. It’s how we know we have delivered you a rare blend of coffee, food and community. It’s how we connect with people who care about what we source, roast, brew, bake, make and serve every day. No matter the location you visit, you will consistently taste and feel the difference that makes Dunn Brothers Coffee unique.

With the entire franchise system now aligned under one strategic brand platform, the integrated brand re-fresh is just hitting locations across the country in January. While it's early in the revitalization of Dunn Brothers Coffee, we are already seeing the average ticket increase systemwide. Nicely Dunn.

Dunn Brothers Coffee


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